Medina Med – one of the leading companies in service and trading automotive tires, again preferred Media Design for site branding. The tire service received representative branding with clear visual communication. We mounted signs at different places of the service that help for better orientation of the clients.

Indoor and outdoor signboards for Medina Med tire service at Plovdiv

At Medina Med tire service we installed composite panel signs with vinyl film lettering or embossed letters, PVC signs and advertising acrylic stands. One of the signs, situated behind the cashier is an information board with prices of the services. The white etalbond sign is decorated with embossed letters as the brand’s logo. The other type of composite panel signs is mounted on the ceiling. They give information about the different sections at the tire service.

On the facade of the building are installed direction and information signboards too. The signs present all the services, certifications, and vehicle garages.  On a glass door was mounted PVC sign for a specific service in Medina Med.

Composite panel signs – a practical solution for industrial zones

We offered Medina Med advertising signs made of etalbond. This material has a PVDF coverage at the front layer, that provides high resistance against atmosphere impacts, industrial pollution, UV rays, and fires. These characteristics make the etalbond preferable for manufacturing commercials in industrial zones. There is no need for maintenance.

The other advantage of this composite material is the effect look of the signs. It has a palette of many colors and designs for creating attractive ads.

Client: Medina Med Plovdiv

Date:  November 2017

Warranty:  3 years

Location:  Plovdiv