The store SLS – sports apparel and equipment, located in the Arcadia shopping center, asked us to refresh their two signs. We offered them an option for sign renovation, in which the change and renovation process happen quickly and easily.

Sign renovation – when and how?

If the sign has a metal body and flexible face that has been stretched by hand, it is possible to renovate it. This happens on the spot without the need to disassemble and re-install the sign, which is a simple and less expensive option. We only remove the old flexible substrate canvas, then with a special aluminum profile on both sides along the sign and the new flexible substrate is stretched.

Some types of flexible substrates are more complex for dismantling. Our specialists decide for each sign how it will be dismantled. In some cases, this process can be facilitated by simply cutting the old flexible substrates, which saves time.

The sign renovation without disassembly, has a great advantage, especially for large-scale signs. If the sign is removed, refresh, and re-place, specialized equipment is also needed. This makes the service much more expensive, and in the end, you will pay as much as a new sign.

Special aluminum profiles for a flexible substrate

We used this sign renovation technology on both Rossignol and Mizuno signs. With special aluminum profiles for flexible substrate, the face is perfectly stretched and imitates sheet material. This profile can stretch a flexible substrate canvas even with a greater thickness (650 g / m2), which can not be hand-crafted by hand. With the 3M Panagraphics III flexible substrate, which we use 650 g / m2, and this profile, the SLS Sports Store signs look perfect.

We can also offer a combination of flexible substrate and LED illumination renovation. We use LED modules of Korean company G.O.Q. LED for more than 7 years that are proven to be durable and glow perfectly. The renovated sign looks like a new one and guaranteed to work without the need for maintenance for at least 5 years.

Client:  Sports store SLS

Date:  October 2016

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv