In September 2019 The Alley of Olympic Glory was opened in Plovdiv, which is located at “Grebna Baza”. The initiative for its creation is from Municipal Enterprise “Youth Center Plovdiv” and the Municipality of Plovdiv. The idea is to install informative signs with pictures and history for every one of the champions along the pedestrian zone of the Grebna Baza. And like this, we can “reborn” the most gorgeous moments from our champions in Plovdiv, with which they glorified our city and also our country. The other big notorious message from the Olympic Walk of Fame is to help children and teenagers to develop a love for the sport, to know and remember the big achievements around our city, to become “infected” with more passion and sportsmanship.

In the ranks of notable athletes, we can see from the first Olympic graduation – that of Todor Diev in 1956, until the last ones in 2004 of Yordan Yovchev and Milen Dobrev. The total number of medals won by athletes from Plovdiv is 52, of which 11 are gold, 21 silver, and 20 are bronze. Media Design also got involved actively in the project by manufacturing 46 signs for every one of the Olympics champions in the city under the hill to glorify The Alley of Olympic Glory.

The signs from The Alley of Olympic Glory proclaim the experience of great athletes

All signs are strongly installed on the lighting columns along the pedestrian alley. They are filled like that to sustain the outside weather conditions and to long-last the achievements of our athletes at Plovdiv. They have metal construction and at the front is applied film for printing with laminate. For every one of the medalists has printed information and a picture translated on both Bulgarian and English.

As you walk along the Grebna Baza, you can experience the rich sports history of the city proud of the world-famous achievements of the people of Plovdiv.

Client: Municipality of Plovdiv

Date:  September 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv