Illuminated flexible face sign for Sixt office in Sunny beach

Along with the Sixt Sunny Beach office, we installed an illuminated sign with a flexible substrate face and an aluminum profile. On the face of the sign, a text “Sixt Rent a Car” of electrocuting film for illuminated signs is applied. The sign is illuminated by G.O.Q. LED – tested and proven durability and effective lighting.

Double-sided illuminated sign with channel letters

The location of the office is on the corner of the building and on a boulevard with two separate directions of movement. To make it more visible, we have manufactured a double-sided illuminated sign. It is installed on the corner of the office so that it can be seen from both directions of the boulevard. Thus, the location of the office Sixt Sunny Beach does not go unnoticed and it is easier to find for customers.

The double-sided sign is made of a composite panel and has a supporting structure for better stability. Illuminated channel letters with alurapid returns and acrylic face with the translucent film are mounted on the sign. This sign is also with LED illumination and a 3-year full warranty. In fact, the sign has a life cycle at least twice longer than the warranty period, because of the quality illumination with G.O.Q. LED and durability of the materials.

We recommend Media Design as a trustworthy partner that you can rely on for the production of any signage. The advertising agency is easy to work with and the end result is always beneficial to our business.Tsanko Tsankov

Client:  Sixt

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Sunny Beach