Advertising sign with LED T-market Pazardzhik

We branded the T-Market Pazardzhik store with illuminated signs mounted on all sides of the store. Aluminum profiles allow fine and precise fitting of the plates and the flexible face is perfectly stretched and smooth. This makes their splicing on the corner places absolutely imperceptible as if it were a corner plate. 

Thanks to the lightweight flexible substrate and aluminum profile system, we have quickly mounted them. A translucent film 3M 3630 is applied to the face of the sign, which does not change the brightness of the light and preserves its color for a long time. The sign is illuminated with G.O.Q LED LEDs – one of the best on the market.

We express our satisfaction with the correct and quality work, we thank you for the responsiveness of the team and the good business relations that we will develop in the future as well. Vygintas SapokasMaxima Bulgaria (T-Market)

Client:  T-Market

Date:  February 2015

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Pazardzhik