T-Market once again trusted us with the branding of one of their location, this time in Kazanlak. During the last years, we have manufactured many illuminated and non-illuminated advertising installations for the branding of the supermarket. Which led to the establishment of trustworthy business relations during the years.

For the branding of the store in Kazanlak, we constructed an illuminated sign and totem for better and more effective brand recognition.

Illuminated flexible face sign for T-Market Kazanlak

The illuminated sign is designed in combination with aluminum sign system. The face of the sign is applied with translucent film 3M Scotchcal 2330 for illuminated signage. Once again we chose G.O.Q. LED for the lighting of the sign. They ad attractive and lasting illumination.

Illuminated totem T-Market attracts the attention of passers-by

The illuminated totem is constructed likewise. On the old metal construction, we mounted a new, double-sided illuminated sing. We used a vinyl banner and aluminum sign systems for the base, on the face we applied 3M translucent film. The G.O.Q. LED diodes are a part of the perfect illumination of the advertising totem.
Identical branding is meant to increase brand recognition and promote the advertising message.
Totems are highly suitable for outdoor advertisement. They are not only effective and different in design, but also perfect navigators.

Why vinyl banner?

The vinyl banner combines few features that transform it into a commonly used material. It is very light and easy to mount, which automatically eases the process of switching the advertising messages. The aluminum profile and the vinyl banner ensure great durability of the ad. Constructed like that, the life of the advertising installation is much longer than the guaranteed period.

Client:  Supermarket T-market

Date:  October 2017

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Kazanlak