Attractive totem with a non-standard vision for Aqua Systems agrocentre

Aqua Systems started in 2001 as one of the first companies to design and build irrigation systems in Bulgaria.  Media Design has created illuminated outdoor advertising – an attractive totem.

The totem base is made of steel and is lined with a composite panel. The totem is made up of a total of 10 illuminated advertising signs, placed 5 on each side. Those illuminated signs are with flexible face and 3M colored film. The whole totem is illuminated with modules from the company G.O.Q. LED produced in Korea.

Totems like this are the ideal solution for advertisements at oil stations, commercial centers, and office buildings. They are noticed from afar and attract attention. Another great advantage of totems is the representative vision that supports the image of the company.

Client:  Aqua Systems

Date:  July 2015

Warranty: 4 years

Location: Plovdiv