Illuminated signs with channel letters effect, Tourist Service Plovdiv

Two advertising signs of aluminum profiles and flexible substrate point to the location of the agency Tourist Service Plovdiv. They are part of the branding of the office with outdoor advertising (we have applied a window film as well).

We have produced the illuminated sign with aluminum returns, painted in the company colors by the RAL system. For the face, we used high-quality flexible substrate 3M Panagraphics III. On top of it, we place two types of special film for illuminated signs. The name and the logo are with 3M translucent film for long-lasting colors, without color change when the sign shines. On the rest of the sign face, we put 3M black blоckout film (to block the light). In this way, only the name and the logo are illuminated, not the entire sign, which creates the channel letters effect.

For the illumination, we chose the bright and energy-saving LED modules of the Korean Command G.O.Q. LED. Thanks to their quality and their trouble-free work, we give the Tourist Service Plovdiv signs 3 years full warranty.

Client:   Tourist Service

Date:  March 2015

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv