Double sided illuminated sign for Savini Gelato from acrylic

Savini Gelato is at the center in Plovdiv and it is a place where they offer something that every hot summer needs – craft ice cream.

“Savini Gelato is entirely original own project through which i have the opportunity to unleash my maximum and do what i believe in”, she told Savina Nikolova.

In order to continue to delight the customers in Plovdiv with the magnificent ice cream they craft, they needed a two-sided illuminated sign to attract passengers to the store.

Double-sided illuminated sign Plovdiv

For the double-sided illuminated sign in Plovdiv – Savini Gelato we developed illuminated double-sided advert sign with a face from acrylic, which we covered with translucent film. We painted the acrylic profiles with black mat, to be able to deliver maximum the identity of the factory for craftsman ice-cream. The sign will not only withstand the frequently changing weather conditions for this region, but it will also attract passersby for long years.

Illuminated advertising signs Plovdiv – Strength and durability

For it’s illumination, we trusted the Korean modules again G.O.Q LED with a chip from Samsung. They illuminate the advertisement brightly and stylishly, while they are also very energy efficient. This is just a small part that makes thelife of our signs – extremely high. In combination with the other materials used, the illuminated sign for “Savini Gelato Plovdiv” is covered by 3-years full warranty. And even to this day,the sign continues to do it’s job for which it was placed there.

Client:  Savini Gelato

Date:  April 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv