Vertical illuminated sign at Archaeological Museum of Hisarya

In 1933, a group of locals set up an archeological society with the aim of collecting, preserving and promoting the archeological heritage of Hissarya. Years later, after the expansions and changes, it has an exhibition yard and the lapidarium – a place where stones of archaeological significance are arranged – statues, stone slabs with epigraphs, architectural details such as columns, friezes and acroteria. Right there we placed a vertical illuminated sign for the Hissarya’s Archaeological Museum.

Long-lasting materials

It is made of aluminum profiles, bond with imitation wood and built-in embossed luminous letters of plexiglas. The bond used is a sandwich of two aluminum sheets, between which there is a third of plastic. The resulting aluminum composite panel is light and comfortable to work with and allows even on-site processing. One of its most important qualities is endurance at high temperatures.

The presence of snap frames allows you to easily and quickly change the look of advertising materials.

It is common practice to use totems to catch people’s attention. Illuminated and non- illuminated totems are made from metal supporting structure that withstands the effects of rain, snow and wind. The materials quality guarantees years of explotation.

The presence of embossed letters is a profitable way to make your plate stand out.

The illuminated letters can be used for any type of business, organization or institute. The combination of illuminated letters and the variety of colors of etalbond catches the eye, which at the same time makes it not only beautiful but practical. This type of letters has high durability. We at Media Design use high-end LED modules from the world-renowned Korean manufacturer G.O.Q. LED. In this way we give a 3-year warranty on our signs, although the durability of the advertising object is many times longer.

Client: Archaeological Museum of Hisarya

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Hisarya