Client: Viking Life-Saving Equipment

Date: March 2014

Warranty: 3 years

Type: Illuminated acrylic channel letters

City: Radinovo village

A sense of professional and prestigious company  – this is one of the main features of Viking Life-Saving Equipment.

Channel letters for Viking Life-Saving Equipment facade

Since 2013, the Danish Viking Life-Saving Equipment has transferred part of its production to Bulgaria. The company is a world leader in lifesaving equipment for vessels.

The sign is made in accordance with the requirements of Viking Life-Saving Equipment. They ordered a non-illuminated channel letters for its manufacturing factory in the village Radinovo, Municipality of Maritsa. Apart from being a guideline, they are an important part of company identity.

The channel letters are made of black acrylic and are mounted with special plates to the wall. Their warranty is three years but their live cycle is over 10 years.