AutoPRO develops its activity by trading in branded car parts and accessories. Here you will find more brands such as OSRAM, PHILIPS, BOSCH, K&N, MOTUL, BARDAHL. In their store you can also trust the high quality of their AutoPRO products.

The company has repeatedly chosen over the years Advertising Agency Media Design for the production of various types of advertising products, and in one of the projects was made and metallized engraved sign for working hours.

Visual communication with work hours sign – AutoPRO

Each site needs to build visual communication. This helps customers to orientate quickly and easily, while at the same time giving them security. We used metallized ABS to make the AutoPRO showroom advertising product. The resulting vision is thematic and in line with the established style of the company.

Why engraved metal signs?

When making engraved metal plates you can get products that perfectly complement the interior of your building. The most striking examples of this are the necessary elevator signs, floors, hotel room numbers, information and warning signs. Media Design Advertising agency will offer you a variety of types and ways of production to contribute to the creation of a complete elegant look.

Client:  AutoPRO

Date: April 2021

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv