Since 1978, Colmic has been synonymous with high quality, technical research, new material development, and complete and strict quality control of a wide range of fishing tackle.

As an official importer of Colmic for Bulgaria, Vest Company turned to Media Design Advertising Agency for wrapping a boat with advertising graphics.

Wrapping a motorboat with advertising graphics

Branding vehicles is a great way to create an emphasis on any brand. The project for wrapping advertising graphics on a boat is another proof of this. Although very responsible, the task was performed with attention to detail and precision. Our team made sure that the luxury boat received a spectacular new look, which at the same time successfully advertise his owner business.

To make sure that the graphics will be durable and the water will not create a problem, we have once again chosen a film from the world leader 3M.

Do you need outdoor advertising?

Recent years, competition in every business has increased and it has become increasingly difficult for a company to stand out. One of the steps to attract the attention of potential customers is to create outdoor advertising. The stylish and attractive vision earns trust and creates curiosity, while at the same time clearly stating your position in the business to competitors.

Client: Vest Company

Date: April 2021

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv