G&V Logistics is a company that successfully ranks among the leaders in the field of logistics. Its rapid development in the field makes it a reliable partner. It has an experienced team of specialists who plan, store and deliver the entrusted cargo to any part of Europe. Part of their success is due to the first-class trucks they work with.

After completing a number of projects for them, the company’s management turned to Media Design Advertising Agency for the interior transformation of offices.

Wrapping a windows with matte 3M film – G&V Logistics

To transform the glass doors in the site, we used 3M Frosted Film. High-quality, cast film with transparent, permanent adhesive, which is suitable for installation on smooth surfaces. It adheres perfectly to glass and plexiglass and creates a matte, frosted effect.

What sets it apart from other products on the market is that it provides unlimited design possibilities. The frosted film for G&V Logistics is cut along the contour to create the chosen look. In addition, the product guarantees a long period of outdoor and indoor use.

Unlimited possibilities for site branding

Advertising agency Media Design offers a wide range of branding. It is also an authorized manufacturer of the world leader 3M. When branding with advertising inscriptions and graphics we use 3M film for cutting and printing, translucent film, stained glass film, reflective film, laminating film, film for protection and tinting of glass, an architectural film with textures, and others.

Depending on the purpose and concept of advertising, our team can offer you the best products for its implementation. And then, our experienced professionals will turn the project into reality.

Client:  G&V Logistics

Date: August 2019

Warranty: 4 years

City: Plovdiv