AIT International Transport assigned to Media Design for the production of their advertising. We have manufactured for them illuminated channel letters.

AIT International Transport with robust and durable illuminated channel letters

The channel letters of AIT International Transport company have been produced with the Spanish Alurapid system for channel letters. This means that the faces of the letters are made of colored acrylic and the returns – of a special aluminum strip produced by the Spanish company. The backs of the illuminated letters are made of foamed PVC panels.

The illumination of channel letters is with the traditional for our company LED modules, produced in Korea – G.O.Q. LED, with Samsung chips. They are extremely bright, very durable, and protected in a special CAP housing with the highest degree of dust and moisture resistance – IP68. The LED drivers used are from the world-renowned Taiwanese Meanwell manufacturer.

We thought even about the smallest detail – all the weak wiring connections are with 3M Scotchlock’s special connectors. In fact, 80% of the problems in electrical installations are from the connections, so we minimize them using the safest connectors on the market. You can see details of the benefits of this type of video links and videos, even underwater, in our blog.

Produced in this way, the illuminated channel letters with Alurapid returns are extremely resistant, with a long life cycle and bright illumination

The height of installation, the complexity of fitting the letters, and the correct electrical installation are with high standards at Media Design and can be seen on almost any site. The 3-year warranty of the channel letters with aluminum returns is also standard for our company.

We believe that AIT International Transport has solved their problem of outdoor advertising for many years to come and will be able to focus on business tasks.

Client:  AIT International

Date:  February 2014

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv