Aqua Systems Bulgaria is one of the founders of the design and construction industry for irrigation systems. They offer solutions for irrigation systems for large and small farms. You can see more about the company and its activity in a video interview with the owner Marin Clanev for the section “Who are our clients?” in MediaTV News.

In one of the joint projects, we produced three illuminated advertising signs for the headquarters of Aqua Systems Plovdiv, located on Asenovgradsko shosse Blvd B8-13. On the roof, from the east location of the building, we have the sign AGROSENTER. At the northern end is the AQUA SYSTEMS sign, and on the corner of the two facades (between the two signs) the logo is placed. When entering the building, the AQUA SYSTEMS illuminated channel letters can be seen perfectly. In order to see the sign and from the other direction of traffic on Asenovgradsko shosse Blvd, we installed another channel letter AQUA SYSTEMS from the southern end.

Aqua Systems Plovdiv – channel letters with Alurapid and acrylic system

The channel letters Agricenter Aqua Systems and their logo in a shape of a drop are made by a system of Alurapid (for returns) and Acrylic (for face). On the face of the signs Agrocenter and Aqua Systems, a 3M Scotchcal 2330 translucent film for illuminated signs is placed, and 3M Scotchcal 2330-10 full-color film is used for the logo. For all illuminated channel letters are used the high-quality Korean LEDs G.O.Q. LED – reliable and brightly lit. Advertising letters and logos are mounted on a sturdy metal structure, providing excellent support and safety.

Client:  Aqua Systems

Date:  May 2015

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv