Modern and innovative company for security services and technology turned to us for branding a car for advertisement wrapped with film. Company S Force security is representative for Bulgaria of the British leader in security systems Westminister International Ltd. The company strives to offer its customers a modern and different way of servicing from the known names in the business.

To respond to the requests of the Plovdiv company S Force Security, we used proven products from the worldwide market of the American company 3M. In this project, we valued the sustainable and durable film for advertising letters for automobiles from 3M Scotchcal 50 series.

Suzuki Baleno for S Force Security with attractive vision

We placed the lettering and the logo of the company at all sides of the car, so it can be seen from any side. The good information ordering and the stylish lines from the white film make the company Suzuki Baleno attractive and recognizable. We placed contact information – website and phone number.

All details of this outdoor advert for cars are from polymer film 3M Scotchcal 50, installed from our trained professionals. As a result, we have perfect wrapping with letters from film, which is covered by the warranty 3M MCS Warranty for quality and compatibility with the materials.

Client:  S Force Security

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 2 years

Location: Plovdiv