Land Oil gas station is located on the main road between Pomorie and Bourgas. The management turned to Media Design Advertising Agency for the production of two inscriptions channel letters in Pomorie, which would attract the attention of travelers.

Land Oil – outdoor advertising with channel letters, Pomorie

The channel letters for Land Oil in Pomorie are illuminated, we used G.O.Q LEDs diodes. They are proven to be high quality and durable. Another main advantage is the safety they guarantee. This is mandatory for us when manufacturing advertising products for gas stations.

The first advertising letters are mounted on the frieze of the structure with the gas stations, and the other on the frieze of the cafe. The advertising totem was also reconstructed. New advertising signs “Entry” and “Exit” and new markings on the gas stations have been placed.

Let them see you clearly!

One of the most common ways to attract attention is through channel letters. Their implementation can be different, according to the client’s goals and desires. The quality materials we work with allow the creation of effective and durable products.

Advertising agency Media Design has a specialized workshop and a highly qualified team to design and create the most appropriate advertising look for your business.

Client:  Oil station Land Oil

Date:   June 2015

Warranty: 3 years

Location: main road Pomorie-Burgas