In the 2016 year company, Socotab again asked Media Design for designing a new outdoor ad for the fabric in village Radinovo. 11 years earlier, before the opening of the modern tobacco processing plant, we developed Non-illuminated channel letters Socotab for its facade. Oriental tobacco specialists trusted us for the channel letters on the cabin at the entrance.

Halo illuminated channel letters from acrylic greet customers

The channel letters with the name of the company are designed from black acrylicIn order to shine with a beautiful halo, the channel letters are mounted with the help of spacers. That way the text Socotab is moved up-front, the illumination from the bright and powerful modules is reflected and showed in the glowing letters. We used LED modules from the Korean company G.O.Q. LED for the long duration and perfect illumination of the letters.

The halo illuminated letters are preferred by many companies for their elegant appearance, durability and spectacular glow. They can be manufactured from inox, which is the more expensive and luxurious choice. Different companies use them as image advertising in the interior and the exterior. They are suitable for beauty salons, office buildings, modern clinics, schools, banks and more.

With the new ad letters on the entrance, the company Socotab Bulgaria refreshes the vision of the building and now welcomes its clients and partners with prestigious advertising.

Client:  Socotab Bulgaria EOOD 

Date:  October 2016

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Radinovo, Plovdiv