Media Design branded fashion boutique Be Queen, located in Sofia, with a stylish ad made from a composite panel and illuminated embossed letters.

Illuminated advertising sign Be Queen

For this purpose, we chose a composite panel sign in grey in order to contribute to the already established architectural style of the store. We combined the sign with acrylic letters (the logo) of the fashion boutique – Be Queen. The sandwich” type letters are made from 4 mm white and 10 mm clear Plexiglas. For the illumination, we singled out the G.O.Q. LED modules with imported Samsung™ chip – proven high-quality. They ensure bright and even illumination while being cost-effective. In addition, we designed an elegant inscription boutique made from 3M self-adhesive film applied on the lower right corner of the sign. Thus, we highlighted the brand and increased its recognition.

The branding of beauty shops, boutiques, and offices with embossed letters is highly suitable for creating outdoor advertisements. The “sandwich” type letters can be combined with different materials and different colors for more attractive ads.

Client: Fashion boutique Be Queen

Date: March 2014

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Sofia