Wrapping the entire DHL bus with yellow film

We changed the color of one of DHL’s company buses with the quality film 3M Scotchcal 50-265. The standard white bus was transformed into one of the brand’s colors – yellow. Thanks to the excellent features of this 3M film, its application is like a child game – fast and easy. The experience of our installers and the quality of the film allow us to wrap completely the vehicles so that they have a perfect vision for a long time.

For the entire wrapping, the shape of the vehicle must be taken into consideration. Depending on which parts are wrapped, whether they are smooth or embossed, we choose an appropriate film for each part. For the DHL project, the model of the bus had small curves that were not an obstacle to the elastic Scotchcal 50 polymer film. Of course, the good fitting technique that our experienced applicators are also of great importance.

We have achieved an ideal vision for this company bus thanks to the precise wrapping. We have changed it completely as if the bus came out yellow from the factory.

Client:  DHL

Date:  January 2011

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv