Doormann Gerena – entire branding of the store

Thanks to our experience and the large portfolio of products and services, we, at Media Design can fulfill not only individual advertising and information items but also the overall exterior branding of the shopping facilities. As a regular customer, Doorman assigned to us the branding of their showroom in Sofia, Gerena district.

Our designers and specialists in the field of outdoor advertising have produced illuminated channel letters Doormann Doors – entirely made of acrylic, the face of which is covered with 3M 2330 film, specially designed for illuminated advertisements. The illumination was done with modules from the Korean company G.O.Q. LED. The sign on the facade is a non-illuminated channel letters of a PVC plate cut out on a router.

The composite panel lining makes the showroom look complete and, thanks to its active red color, the building is recognizable from a distance. The film stickers further enhance the advertising effect and complement the information elements.

As a final product, Doormann received a complex service from us with a three-year warranty and excellent appearance.

Client:  Doormann

Date:  June 2014

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Sofia