Client: MVL bags and wallets

Date: February 2017

Warranty: 2 years

Type: Illuminated advert from acrylic

Illumination: Solar Panel

City: Plovdiv

MVL is a manufacturer of high quality handbags and wallets with a modern look. The company was founded from 2005 year and today they are thrilled to offer a well-developed manufacturing process and facility, located on 2 600 square meters. To make the location of the company more visible, located on the sides of one of the busiest Plovdiv boulevards, it was necessary to put visible advert. Here comes Media Design with an idea of a project for illuminated sign with solar panel, to be mounted on one of the pillars near the entrance.

Practical sign with solar panel focuses on the brand

We designed double-sided illuminated sign for pole with aluminum profile and a face from acrylic. The letters from the two sides of this sign with solar panel are made from special film for illuminated adverts from 3M. The electricity it needs is entirely from the sunlight, using a solar panel mounted above the plate.

The product is an extremely practical solution and a great alternative to standard pole signs, which all of you have seen. In addition to being powered by “green” energy it is also energy efficient, the sign for MVL is strong and durable. The used materials assure long-lasting life on this outdoor ad. The sign announces the brand daily and points to the location of the corporate building of MVL.