Illuminated wrought iron and faux wood sign – Salt & Pepper

For the restaurant Salt and Pepper, in the very center of Plovdiv, we designed a non-traditional illuminated sign. A very interesting effect was achieved by placing a film with a wood print on the two sign faces which gives the impression that the sign is made of wood. We also used wrought iron returns for this two-sided illuminated sign, instead of aluminum. This sign option was made according to customer requirements and restaurant type.

The faces of this illuminated wrought iron sign are made of acrylic, and our graphics specialists have applied a 3M translucent film. On it is printed wood texture with the logo and the name of the restaurant. With this perfect full-color printing, the sign successfully looks like wood. The film is specially designed for illuminated signs, which ensures unchanged and brilliant lighting. The curved wrought iron returns are custom-made corresponding the sign size.

Media Design can design wrought-iron signs of various shapes and sizes. According to your specific project, we can create individual unique design ads.

Salt&Pepper double sided LED-illuminated sign

To illuminate the sign we used G.O.Q LEDs. They guarantee a bright light with minimal electricity costs. Additionally, the Salt & Pepper restaurant sign is completely safe and provides peace of mind for customers for a long time. The illuminated sign is covered by a 3-year warranty, but its life is much longer than the warranty period.

Client:  Restaurant Salt and Pepper

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv