For the past 10 years, Abakus Broker has established themselves as a successful insurance company. Besides the exterior branding, achieved with attractive advertising graphics, acrylic channel letters, lasting and durable vehicle branding, we manufactured an elegant ultra-thin textile sign, that became part of their interior.

Attractive interior decorations

Textile signs are the perfect addition to many interiors. For this project, we chose a sign with extremely thin aluminum sign systems. The entire sign is very similar to photo wallpapers.

For their office, Abakus Broker chose a fresh forest view in a perspective that creates more depth to the interior. The sign is mounted on one of the walls, creating a pleasant working environment and a comfortable atmosphere for all clients and visitors.

What are the advantages of textile signs?

The textile signs have a few important advantages. Compared to a photo wallpaper, they are a better advertising and interior solution. The mounting and dismounting process happens fast and easy, without damaging the surface of the wall. The textile signs are made with aluminum sign systems with different thickness, that does not deform in time. Besides that, they can be either embedded in the wall or with a double-sided frame. The biggest advantage is that they can be illuminated with LED lighting. This can create an even more attractive look for the advertising installation.

The textile signs are the perfect addition to your interior, regardless of your business niche.

Client:  Insurance company Abakus Broker

Date:  May 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Location:  Plovdiv