Bata Agro (Bata Agro) or the Bulgarian Association of Agricultural Machinery Traders turned to us for the production of interior advertising for the office in Sofia. Bata Agro has existed since 2005 and currently unites the largest companies authorized by world producers for import-export to the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Regarding the location of the organization’s office, we offered an elegant and representative advertisement. We put a plexiglass sign and channel letters with the Bata Agro logo.

Precise execution for Bata Agro sign

We have made a stylish and elegant sign from transparent Plexiglas, which successfully imitates the glass signs for the interior. Unlike them, however, it is much lighter and more durable, easy to clean and cheaper. On the sign are mounted inscriptions and the logo of the organization, which are three-dimensional letters type “sandwich” (embossed). The base of the letters is Plexiglas opal 10 mm, and on top is glued 3M film in the company colors. The embossed letters combine the effects of several types of materials, which makes them look spectacular and attract the attention of customers. In combination with the base of transparent Plexiglas, a modern and attractive sign is obtained, which looks prestigious.

Video: Bata Agro Sign

Client:  Bata Agro

Date: September 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Sofia