Interior glass sign with golden letters

The reason GIULIAN’s office is looking more beautiful than ever is the interior non-illuminated glass sign with holders, made of stainless steel.

The elegant and simple design perfectly matches the luxury of the brand and the quality they are known for. The history of GIULIAN dates back in 1990 and is defined as an endless striving to improve and meet highest standards.

The eye-catching effect

We made the sign from tempered glass with golden stainless letters. The choosen materials create the effect of illumination and make the sign visible for everyone around. It is installed with holders that give stability and security, and their appearance is consistent with the overall standard of the brand – style and quality.

The team of Media Design done great job creating and instaling the sign, paying attention to the smallest details. When we talk about information and glass signs, more of our clients prefer the classic, simple but stylish design. It is very helpful for visual communication and is suitable for every kind of bussines like shops, hotels, fashion butiques etc.

Interior signs are meant to last

If you use interior sings you would probably know they can last longer than you expected. Decorating you office with glass signs will help you to improve your brand. Advertising your bussines with interior and exterior signs would make a unforgettable first impression to your future clients.

The desicion is in your hands. No matter if you prever interior or exterior signs, the new modern technology they are created with helps them looking good even in adverse weather conditions.


Date: July 2020г.

Warranty: 3 години

Location: Plovdiv