As part of the branding of the Ka Systems building, we executed PVC embossed letters and advertising vinyl. They are complementary elements to achieve the overall advertising vision of the site. We also installed large illuminated channel letters on the roof of the building with the company logo to attract attention and clearly indicate its location.

Inscription with the main activity of the company, executed as embossed letters

We installed non-illuminated channel letters on the facade of the Ka Systems company building to highlight their core activities. The “electrical installations” sign, made of PVC and painted black, effectively contrasts with the light-colored facade. This type of channel letters is commonly utilized for office buildings, shops, car services, and other sites where a cost-effective outdoor advertising solution is desired. PVC letters are known for their quick production, impeccable appearance, and durability, enabling the achievement of an outstanding brand image presentation.

A vinyl advertisement of Photovoltaic Systems

For vinyl ads, we use a special patented system with aluminum profiles that stretch the flexible substrate perfectly. Thus, the wind cannot defeat the advertisement. We make the vinyl signs in different sizes, without limitation, thanks to the technology of our system. Advertising visions can be easily replaced, and the lightweight construction facilitates installation.

Client: Ka Systems

Date: February 2022

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Markovo village, reg. Plovdiv