After installing an Illuminated interior sign for Reward Gateway office in Plovdiv, they decided to trust Media Design once again for creating an embossed Plexiglas letters and logo “sandwich” type.

Effective and memorable advertising

We used two different techniques to manufacture the advertising product.

The embossed letters and the logo are forwarded. In this case, the letters are not self-adhesive, but they are fastened with standoffs. That creates a depth effect. The rest of the letters are self-adhesive and mounted directly on the wall. “Sandwich” type in this case means that the embossed letters are made of Plexiglas and film.

The embossed letters make your ad look impressive

Embossed letters impress people with few things. First, they are self-adhesive, and this makes the installation so easy, even non-professionals can do it.

They are mounted directly to the wall. it is important to notice that we use special double-sided sheets of the leader in the field of adhesive materials – 3M. Due to the durability of double-sided high temperature, it is cut out laser with the material itself for the letter. This guarantees the advertising product’s good appearance. 

Despite impressing vision, the embossed Plexiglas letter has another advantage – they are more affordable than inox channel letters, but they create just as stylish image.

Client:  Reward Gateway

Date:  August 2020

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv