HR company RewardGateway singled out sign making company Media Design for the design and manufacture of an advertising sign for their office, located in Plovdiv. The design is stylish and contributes to the creative atmosphere at the working place.

Acrylic logo sign for RewardGateway

RewardGateway designed an attractive and stylish ad – acrylic illuminated sign with embossed letters. The interior sign fits the office decoration. For this purpose, we used black Plexiglas and channel letters applied with 3M self-adhesive film in the colors of their logo.

The “sandwich” type letters and logo are embossed. The inscriptions – name and slogan of the company are made from 10 mm clear and 4 mm white Plexiglas. We manufactured the logo likewise. Both elements are applied with 3M Translucent film in few different colors. The advertising sign is illuminated with the Korean G.O.Q. LED diodes that have proven to be cost-effective and lasting.

In our practice, we have come to the conclusion that LED lighting is the best choice when illuminating different advertising installations. In combination with other materials, the sign is backed in 3-year full warranty but in reality, it can last longer than the guaranteed period.

Client:  RewardGateway

Date:  December 2016

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv