Eurocatena Ltd. repeatedly trusts us for car branding, and we’ve manufactured some of the most interesting projects for the company, such as branding a bus with Michelin advertising, full car wrapping of a bus with 3M 1080 film series, and bus branding with Goodyear advertising.

In our latest project, we took on the challenge of wrapping another vehicle from the fleet. We created a special design and chose to use 3M Print Graphic Film to produce it.

Dacia Dokker with Continental and Eurocatena print advertise

We wrapped the Dacia Dokker with Continental and Eurocatena advertising using the high-quality 3M IJ180 automotive graphics film. This film is specially designed for printing and offers many possibilities for creating spectacular automotive looks. The advertising inscriptions, logos, and QR code in white, as well as the grey ones on the dark background, were printed on 3M IJ180. To extend the life of the print graphic, we applied a 3M laminate that is suitable for the specific film.

We also added film stickers with the Continental logo on the front and roof of the company car. These stickers were made of 3M Scotchcal 50 film in yellow, which is also known for its high durability.

Finally, to improve the visibility and safety of the car at night, we applied strips of red 3M reflective film on both sides and the back of the car.

3M MCS Warranty for all the wrapped cars

As an authorized 3M manufacturer, Media Design uses only 3M materials for outdoor advertising. Our experienced installers are trained to use them to their full potential. We provide our customers with 3M™ MCS™ Warranty for all wrapped company cars, ensuring quality and compatibility.

Client: Eurocatena Ltd.

Date: April 2022

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv