Peshtera is the third city by largeness in the area after Pazardjik and Velingrad. It is located in the foothills, near the “Gornotrakiiskata” lowland, near the towns Batak and Bratsigovo. Peshtera has around 20 000 people living there. Close to the city is the resort “Sveti Konstantin”, famously known with it’s favorable climate and beautiful nature.

Fitness club Maxifit has two modern equipped gyms, changing rooms with showers and a stylish coffee-bistro. One of the saloons is equipped with the highest class of professionals fitness equipment. The other hall is for group classes, for courses about yoga, yoga for pregnant ladies and yoga for kids, pilates, carate and others. With yoga you can fix your posture, responsible for your back pain, you will regulate your body weight, reduce stress and feel like new again.

Fitness club with effective distinguishable golden letters

From fitness club Maxifit turned to advertising agency Media Design for the manufacturing and mounting of advertising golden letters from stainless steel.

Using the golden channel letters from stainless steel like an advertising accent is very suitable for all kinds of fitness clubs, salons, shops and offices. Their easy support, their long lasting life and the their simple but at the same time elegant look, makes them one of the most loved advertising elements for related locations. Golden letters “Maxifit” are with covered gold and their sides, which makes them a lot of distinguishable and noticeable.

They are mounted on a spacers, the glided letters are glued on the base of bond. This ensures the stability of the letters base in strong winds, while at the same time we can’t see how they hold up there. Despite the often changing weather conditions, they are made and mounted like this, so they can stay there for a very long time.

Sturdy and strong golden letters for advertising

Non-illuminated glided channel letters from Japan stainless steel retain their appearance for years to come. The golden letters “Fitness club”are with 10mm transparent acrylic “sandwich type” and are covered with golden stainless steel on the face. A similar type of golden letters from stainless steel are basically life eternal. Their durability not only exceeds 10 years, but even 20!

Client:  Maxifit

Date:  August 2016

Warranty: 3 years

City: Peshtera

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