Skuba Bulgaria turned to advertising agency Media Design for manufacturing and placing of illuminated 3D channel letters in Plovdiv

Skuba Bulgaria is a company, which offers spare parts for cargo automobiles, trailers, semi-trailers and buses. They became active in Bulgaria in 2012. They offer parts from leading manufacturers equipped with the necessary certificates and quality skills. The company is part from SKUBA GROUP – leader in trade of spare parts for Central and Eastern Europe. Thanks to their wide material base and qualified staff, they can help you quickly with any problem. They also manage to cover over 25,000 details for the parts of the vehicles they offer, with options from at least 2-3 manufacturers for a given part, giving different varieties and solutions to their customers.

3D letters for store in Skuba Plovdiv

The advertising text Skuba is implemented by a selected, sustainable and efficient system for channel 3D letters. The face of the letters from acrylic, and their sides from aluminum. In order to give the correct color of the logo to the letters, we used quality film for illuminated advertisement – 3M. They power the illumination in the 3D letters so they become even more noticeable. Despite the unfavorable weather conditions like temperature differences, moisture and strong winds, our system from Alurapid and acrylic guarantees a long-lasting life of the channel letters.

Illuminated 3D channel letters from aluminum Skuba

The lighting of the three-dimensional letters is from the leaders in the industry – G.O.Q. LED – LED lights for high economy and evenly, bright glow. This means that they come with a 3 year full warranty, but their lifespan will be much longer. The materials, the technology of development, the reliable lighting, the time for project completion and our trained professional team, helped to achieve the maximum best looking results for the three-dimensional advertising.

Client:  Skuba

Date:  December 2018

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv

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