Pharmacy Farma Vision in Plovdiv city acquires an attractive advertising vision that will successfully direct customers at any time of the day. They turned to Media Design Advertising Agency to create a large illuminated sign.

Illuminated corner sign for Farma Vision Pharmacy

For Farma Vision we created a corner illuminated sign with aluminum profiles and a vinyl face. We once again used Panagraphics III vinyl canvas from the leader 3M, and then we installed translucent film. The advertising product is over 7 meters long, which is not a problem for vinyl signs, as there is no size limit for them.

Although lighter, this type of illuminated flexible face signs are extremely strong and when properly installed and highly resistant to adverse weather conditions.

Trustworthy LED lighting

We used high-quality LED modules from the Korean manufacturer G.O.Q LED to illuminate the sign. These LEDs are suitable for all types of channel letters and signs, they are reliable and one of their most important qualities – safe. Advertising agency Media Design works only with proven quality materials that will bring you peace of mind for years.

Client: Farma Vision Pharmacy

Date: April 2021

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv