Advertising agency Media Design designed and placed two illuminated signs Fresco, to mark the entrance of the pizzeria – the equivalent of authentic Italian taste and quality.

Illuminated sign Fresco with aluminum profile decorate the entrance of the pizzeria

The restaurant got really different outdoor advertising, which now attract the nearby customers.

We designed signs with aluminum profiles, that are defined by strength and durability over time and time again. For the facade of the signs, we used vinyl sail 3M Panagraphics III, on which we applied translucent film for illuminated advertisement.

One of the signs is at the entrance of the pizzeria, which helps to locate the place. What’s cool about it is that the double-sided illuminated sign Fresco can be seen in both directions on the street. That and even the vinyl made arrows are also printed to further indicate the location of our client, as it is on a level below the ground floor.

We branded the pizza shop and with another, bigger sign, that makes the facade of the building more recognizable for the Fresco Pizzeria. It has an impressive design that attracts the attention of the passers and emphasizes both the brand and the specialties they offer. With just a glance it becomes clear what type of establishment and what type of food they offer.

High-quality illumination for the signs of Fresco

The perfect look and quality of the two signs is also due to the installed LED modules G.O.Q. LED. We have convinced ourselves because of the modules use so far, that they are extremely sustainable and energy efficient, which places them among the market leaders for its industry. The Fresco’s signs which we made are flawless in appearance at all times of the day, inviting everyone to taste the incredible Italian dishes. Created that way, they have a full warranty of 4 years.

Fresko already trusts us for a couple of years, by relying on us for both their outdoor advertising and the development of their website, which has a simplified design for the customer, but at the same time extremely functional.

Client:  Fresco Pizzaria & Pastaria

Date:  February 2015 

Warranty: 4 years 

Location: Plovdiv