The dashboards are part of the process for clear visual communication of large commercial items, gyms, production halls, hotels, hospitals, clinics, and others. Placing clearly visible signal elements ensure better organization at work and easier navigation at the parking lot.

In terms of the branding for the sports hall S.I.L.A. – Plovdiv city with directional signs and other signals, we developed a sign for a parking lot. The sign indicates the location of the paid parking lot to the complex.

Sign for a parking lot with LED modules

The illuminated sign is mounted on the facade of the building, for the entrance to the inner parking lot. To be able to see the sign perfectly from both directions, that’s why it’s illuminated from both sides. It is designed according to the standards in Bulgaria for marking this type of sign – with the required graphic elements and colors.

With the help of the bright and energy-efficient LED modules G.O.Q. LED after sunset the parking sign is still clearly visible. For the development of the sign, we used materials with proven quality and strength. The housing of the plate is made of a special aluminum profile for dual-sided illuminated signs, designed for assembly with acrylic. The two sides of the sign are also filled with acrylic with a film combination for illuminated lights. This system for signs and the high-quality LED modules for illumination guarantees long-lasting life and seamless working conditions.

Client:  Complex SILA

Date:  July 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv