Client: Polo 1

Date: July 2011

Warranty: 3 years

Type: Composite panel signs

City: Plovdiv

Effective informative signage

The composite panel signs are suitable for creating informative signs and boards for different buildingspublic or business buildings, warehouses, medical centers, hotels, retail stores, malls, and others. Their elegant look and attractive price make them preferable my many clients. The great choice of different colors and textures ensures that the ads can fit in the style of any interior.

The design and the colors of the signs, that we manufactured for Polo 1, are in the colors of their business building – simple and elegant. Perfection – even to the smallest detail in order to attract the attention of passers-by.

Long-lasting informative signs

Thanks to the quality of the used etalbond and our experience with this type of advertising material, the Polo 1 informative signs stand out with great design and strong construction. Once mounted on the wall, they remain unchanged for a great period of time. The material can resist bad weather conditions, heavy winds, rain, and humidity.