VON ARX is a company with more than 77 years history in the sector of industrial design and mechanical engineering. Its founder Paul von Arx developed well-known surface preparation machines and pneumatic tools and this has becoming a major activity of the company. The production of the company is based in Switzerland, and all the machinery are distributed in many countries all over the world.

For the VON ARX company’ branch Media Design produced a few different indoor and outdoor signage – advertising totem, outdoor sign and embossed interior letters in Plovdiv.

Stylish interior dimensional letters for VON ARX

One of the most attractive and cost efficient types of channel letters are interior dimensional letters also known as “sandwich letters”.

VON ARX preferred to decorate their office in Plovdiv with interior dimensional letters as the company logo. The indoor letters are made of acrylic and 3M film in blue and grey colors. The lettering was installed directly on the wall thanks to flexible and durable double-sided tape. Plexiglass lettering is lightweight that makes possible to be mounted by bonding. An other advantage of the interior dimensional letters is their self-adhesive ability that make the installation very easy and even non experts can do it.

Embossed letters an ideal solution for company image

Except the easy installation and practical application the interior dimensional letters are perfect for company image advertising. There is a variety of combinations – acrylic, vinyl films and stainless steel. The embossed letters suits all types of interior designs no matter classic or modern. They are suitable for indoor application at offices, restaurants and bars, hotels, luxury shops, and more.

The VON ARX’ logo made in embossed letters technology attracts the attention to the brand and increase its representativeness.


Date:  April 2019

Warranty: 2 years

Location: Plovdiv