Kensol Ltd. was founded in 1991. Mostly knows as a clothing brand that designs and produces women’s clothing and accessories. The head office located in Ruse and as of now has over 220 employees. Kensol stands out with high-quality products and interesting designs.

Media Design has been a part of the branding of each store in the country. This time we constructed an illuminated sign with channel letters for their new store in Veliko Turnovo.

Kensol channel letters stand out in Veliko Turnovo

Both the face and the returns of the channel letters are made from acrylic. To ensure their bright and quality-even illumination we again trusted LED modules manufactured by the Korean company – G.O.Q. LED. They help with increasing brand recognition as well as the advertising message. The channel letters are mounted on a composite panel.

Attractive double-sided sign for better brand recognition

We added a second double-sided panel sign to the store’s branding. The ad highlights the clothing brand and attracts the attention of passers-by. The store is located on a lively street with many stores and cafes.
Here is how it was manufactured: the Kensol label was laser cut and embedded in the composite panel sign, which was combined with a thin layer of Plexiglas.

The composite panel sings are extremely reliable. They provide many opportunities for creating attractive advertising installations. They are very light and make mounting and dismounting happen very fast and easy. Manufactured like this, the sign is not only effective but also durable and long-lasting.
To finish the look of the store we mounted a black etalbond on the entire facade of the store. The entire project was completed in consideration of the Kensol brand.

Client:  Kensol

Date:  March 2012

Warranty: 4 years

Location: Veliko Turnovo