Client : Language school Interletera

Date: September 2018

Warranty: 3 years

Type: Acrylic channel letters

Illumination: G.O.Q. LED modules

City: Karlovo

Language school Interletera is situated in one of the most sanctimonious cities in Bulgaria – The Home of the Apostle of Freedom, Karlovo. The city is located at the southern foot of the Balkan Mountains and it hosts a number of festivals and events. The Interletera professional teachers help children to learn both foreign languages and knowledge about their history. Signmaking company Media Design has the honor to produce illuminated acrylic channel letters for the language school.

Illuminated channel letters made of acrylic

The logo of the company is produced as Illuminated channel letters. We used orange and green acrylic for the lettering which are the company colors. All the elements of the outdoor advertise are mounted on inox constuction that ensures additional durability and strength. The Interletera channel letters are installed above the language school entrance.

We chose G.O.Q. LED illumination for this lettering that increase Interletera brand awareness.

Quality, good price and long service life

The acrylic is becoming a part of our daily life – you can see it everywhere. The most common applications are indoor and outdoor advertising – producing channel letters, signs, totems, promotional products, and more. It provides a plenty of opportunities for creative advertising because it is flexible, easy to use and has a good price. It is perfect for manufacturing a fine and elegant elements.

Signmaking company Media Design provide a 3 year warranty of all installed acrylic advertise. It can be combined with other materials such as inox or 3M films for more impressive design.