One of the newly opened venues in Plovdiv – West Cafe, a project of our longtime partners from children’s centers Ton Bonbon, acquired an outdoor signage with an original vision. In accordance with the type and style of the establishment, we created an elegant and attractive signage for West Cafe – illuminated channel letters and logos mounted on a wooden texture sign.

West Cafe with alluring illuminated outdoor sinage

We have created beautiful and impressive channel letters and logos that are entirely of acrylic. In order to get a full copy of the font with the name of the cafeteria, we applied a 3M translucent film for illuminated signs on the white acrylic face. Similarly, using the 3M film, we also made the logo. The West Cafe letters and the logo are made with black acrylic returns, with which we have achieved the effect – a forward-looking light without the light being distracted sideways. All 3M materials we use are covered by the 3M ™ MCS ™ warranty.

The LED illumination of the channel letters is integrated in the base of the composite panel sign. We used the bright and completely safe LEDs from the Korean company G.O.Q. LED, one of the world’s leading.

Client: West Cafe

Date: March 2016

Warranty: 3 years

Type: Illuminated acrylic channel letters

Illumination: G.O.Q. LED

City: Plovdiv

Composite panel sign with wooden texture

The base on which the channel letters are mounted is made of composite panel. On top of it we place 3M film of the DI-NOC ™ series with wood textures to mimic a wooden base. The 3M DI-NOC ™ film can quickly and easily transform objects and create an attractive designer look. Thanks to the excellent imitation of a variety of natural materials, the film is widely used in architectural design – exterior and interior. Its extremely flexible properties allow an absolutely clean application, permitting it to be installed even in working facilities or other types of objects.