Bags Line is a chain of stores specialized in the sale of ladies’ and men’s bags, suitcases, and business bags. Before opening their new store on the main street in Plovdiv, they turned to us to design and manufacture illuminated channel letters. Knowing the specificity of the store (as part of the architectural ensemble of the city center and the specific requirements for legalizing the ad elements), we proposed to make the illuminated channel on the inside of the shop window.

Bag’s Line saved themselves a lot of time of municipality administration

The Bag’s Line project is simple and the letters are entirely made of acrylic. Note that the Bag’s has black returns and the box in which the word Line is lit and sideways, along with the sloping font, gives the dynamics of the entire Bag’s Line logo.

The bright illumination is thanks to the LED modules G.O.Q. LED produced in Korea with Samsung chips. Despite the fact that the entire electrical installation is inside the store, all its components are protected by the highest IP68 class of moisture and dust protection. The design of the logo is made of stainless steel and it has an amazing look without making the channel letters too expensive.

The sign made in this way draws the attention without the need of sign legalization.

Client:  Bags’s Line

Date:  October 2012

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv