We created an amazing golden advertisement, specially designed for our clients by Beta Club. The gold jewelry sign is composed of elements located on several levels with very impressive lighting. Materials such as Plexiglas and special gold stainless steel are used. In this way, the attractive vision of the sign is strengthened.

Stainless steel is a luxurious choice for a sign

The elegant Beta Club logo is mounted on a stainless steel structure on the glass facade of the club.

The wiring is precisely hidden and the sign is part of the architectural design of the building. Illuminated gold advertising is reliable and securely reinforced in order to ensure safe operation.

The base of the nightclub sign is a black Plexiglas box representing a circle. Gold stainless steel elements are mounted on it with the help of spacers. On the largest of them are embossed letters with the name and logo of the club.

They are a “sandwich” of 10 mm transparent plexiglass for the base and 2 mm black plexiglass for the face. The inscription Beta Club Plovdiv and the logo shine with a bright white glow. To stand out against the black plexiglass box, the embossed letters Night Entertainment Plovdiv have a stainless steel face.

The whole contrast between the golden and black colors, make the sign very elegant and unique. All of the elements are in harmony, ready to impress the clients.

Effective and reliable LED RGB lighting

The illuminated golden sign for night club Beta glows in a few directions.

It is lit behind the black base with RGB LED lighting in blue, red, and green. All the golden elements of the face glow halo in white light, as do the embossed inscriptions. The attractive and bright glow, complemented by the glamorous look of the inox sign, undoubtedly grab attention both day and night.

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Client: Beta Club

Date: December 2017

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv