Client: Furniture company Mebelor

Date: April 2016

Warranty: 3 years

Type: Acrylic channel letters

Illumination: G.O.Q. LED modules

City: Plovdiv

Mebelor Ltd is a company with traditions in manufacturing and sale of cabinet furniture. For more than 25 years the company have been developing a successful business in Bulgaria and abroad, thanks to the high quality of work and the materials. Mebelor Plovdiv production base is equipped with high-tech machines and automated workflow, which helps to perform large volume orders in a short terms. The company has a rich experience in engineering, design and manufacturing furniture for hotels, offices, banks, retails, private homes, and more. The highly qualified professionals in the furniture design and manufacturing follow the latest trends to offer modern furnishings for different interiors.

In 2016 the leadership of Mebelor turned to Media Design for producing outdoor ads for the new office building in Plovdiv. They have trusted our experience, quality and precision service for the illuminated channel letters and advertisements on the facade.

Halo lit channel letters of Mebelor Plovdiv focused the attention on the brand

We produced durable and representative advertisement for the renowned furniture brand. We installed the black acrylic channel letters on a sturdy metal construction, on the facade of the building. We wrapped the letter “M” with 3M 2330 Translucent Film to make the same as the company logo. The producing technology is very interesting. The lettering is assembled in two parts of acrylic – white and black colors. The illuminated channel letters have an effect halo lit – back and sideways. To illuminated the lettering we used the reliable and bright LED modules – G.O.Q. LED.

This combination of materials guarantees high durability and perfect look of the channel letters.

Attractive vynil film printed graphics reveals the company's capabilities

On the glass facade we mounted an attractive vinyl film ads. They show the main directions of custom made furniture – banks, offices, hotels, retails, home.

All the images of modern interiors are printed on digital printing film 3M Scotchcal IJ40. To increase the printed graphics durability they are laminated with matte overlaminate.