Mebelor OOD is a company with experience and traditions in developing cabinet’s and other furniture’s. From the past 25 years it grows successful business in Bulgaria and other country’s, due to the high quality of work and the used materials. It’s factory is equipped with the latest technologies in Plovdiv and it has the capacity to serve large orders in a very short time. The furniture’s company is with large experience in engineering and developing custom furniture’s for equipping offices, bank’s, hotels, retail companies, private homes and other’s. The highly-qualified professionals in the furniture’s design and developing team’s follows the latest modern trends in order to offer more modern designs for every interiors.

In 2016 from the management of Mebelor Plovdiv, asked us to develop outdoor ad’s for their new building in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. They trusted in our experience, quality, and precise service for illuminated letters and the ad’s on the building.

Contour lit channel letters for Mebelor Plovdiv is focusing the attention on the brand

We developed sustainable and representative ad for the revamped furniture’s company. On the stable metal structure, on the facade of the office building, we placed channel letters from black acrylic. In order for the letters to be blatant copy of the logo of the company, we decorated „M“ from the lettering with 3M 2330 film for illuminated ads (translucent). W

hat is interesting is the technology for making of this element from the logo. It is assembled from two colors of acrylic – black and white, and on two of the details it is applied orange translucent film. The banner ad is illuminated, by spreading a spectacular glow on the back and on the sides. For the illumination we used reliable and very bright modules – G.O.Q. LED.

With this combination of materials, the durability and good appearance of the channel letters are guaranteed.

Attractive vynil film printed graphics reveals the company’s capabilities

By the length of the building, on the glass facade, we placed effective ad’s from film. They show five modern and elegant interior solutions for the main direction,to which the project furniture is directed to: banks, offices, hotels, retail and even for our home.

The images are printed on film for digital printing 3M Scotchcal IJ40, and in order to improve the longevity we added Mate Laminate.

Client:  Furniture company Mebelor

Date:  April 2016

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv