ASG is a logistics company with many years of experience in transport and logistics. The company expands the scope of its activity by entering the sector of trade in spare parts for trucks and semi-trailers. ASG ITT Ltd. decided to build service and maintenance activities for spare parts stores in order to improve the quality and number of services offered.

After already trusting the Media Design Advertising Agency for the production of the Totem ASG Plovdiv with attractive 3D signs, they turned to us again for the creation of new advertising products.

A new vision for the ASG advertising totem

The new signs are made of Plexiglas. The applied graphics and logos are made of 3M film, series 2330. High-quality and reliable, it is specially designed for illuminated signs and advertisements. The advertising products made in this way impress with their 3D effect. For a spectacular finish, we illuminated the signs with LED modules from the proven Korean manufacturer G.O.Q LED. Completely safe and long-lasting, these diodes ensure that every advertisement is noticed even in the evening.

Why an illuminated totem?

Advertising totems grab attention due to their large size. In addition, the illuminated totem advertises your business even at night, which practically provides you with 24-hour advertising. They are made with a strong metal structure that can withstand wind, rain, and snow. There is no need for maintenance, which would bring you peace of mind in the future.

Client: ASG ITT

Date: August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv