Attractive design and manufacture of totem for ASG Plovdiv

As part of the entire branding of the building, Media Design manufactured and mounted attractive totem for ASG Plovdiv. The totem contributes to the design of the company, and without a doubt, attracts the attention of passers-by. The advertising totem is with a composite panel construction with embedded acrylic elements (logos) of ASG’s business partners.

The inscription “ASG”, along with the arrows on the top of the sign is made from acrylic with aluminum returns. Constructed like that, the ads are highly resistant to bad weather condition and easy to maintain. To ensure the stability of the logo (the arrows) we added inox steel in the base.

The channel letters, mounted on the totem, are made from Plexiglas, the logos of the business partners are applied with 3M 2330 film. The film is designed for illuminated signage with a 4 year warranty period. The signs are mounted with an interesting 3D effect. They are visible from three sides, which is the main accent in their manufacture and the full branding of the advertising totem.

The totem is even more impressive at night. The signs and channel letters are illuminated with LED lighting and cannot remain unseen. We singled out the G.O.Q. LED diodes for the illumination.
The attractive and elegant design of the ASG totem attracts the attention of passers-by. Thanks to the professionals from Media Design, the company received a high-quality outdoor ad backed by a 3-year full warranty.

Adding new elements to ASG totem

After a few years, our clients wanted to change the look of the totem by adding new elements. Above the totem construction, we installed two flexible face illuminated signs with the logo of TIR Service. The two signs are arranged symmetrically to be seen from both directions.

We also replaced some signs of the acrylic boxes with new logos made of 3M film.

Client:  ASG ITT Ltd.

Date:  August 2015

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv