Non-illuminated PVC embossed letters were used to brand the Velchevsky construction market in Troyan. We placed them on the side of the store to complete the advertising appearance and ensure clear visibility from all directions. In addition, we installed illuminated channel letters on the roof of the construction store, along with 3M film inscriptions showcasing the product range.

Stylish embossed PVC letters for Velchevsky store

Embossed PVC letters were used to create an inscription with the logo and the name of the Velchevsky store. This attracts the attention of passing cars and potential customers. The letters are executed in white against the dark background of the building, with an element of the logo covered with red film to create contrast and improve visibility. The non-illuminated  channel letters Velchevsky are mounted directly on the wall, adding elegance to the overall branding. In combination with the rest of the outdoor advertisement elements for the store, an attractive and memorable look was formed.

Embossed PVC letters are a suitable solution for branding the exterior and interior of different types of sites, as they are stylish and help to present a company’s positive image. They are lightweight and easy to install, making them a budget-friendly option for representative advertisements of shops, restaurants, offices, and other establishments.

Client: Velchevsky store

Date: June 2022

Warranty: 2 years

City: Troyan