Japan Tobacco International is one of the largest tobacco companies in the world. They entered the Bulgarian market in 2005. Since then they have been holding leading positions while meeting the high standards set by their customers. Advertising agency Media Design manufactured non-illuminated fabric sign for their store in Varna, Bulgaria.

Aluminum sign systems for lasting installations

We often choose aluminum sign systems for the manufacture of different advertising installations. They provide additional strength to the ad and ensure their long-term durability. By using aluminum profiles you can be sure that the construction will not deform in time because of their great resistance in bad weather conditions. We took into consideration the design of the store and we painted the profiles in black. This way we added more style and elegance to the ad.

3M Panagraphic III – substrates with multiple opportunities

3M Panagraphic III substrates are extremely flexible and easy to work with. They are intended for wide format printing. As we mentioned above, they do not deform and can resist bad weather conditions and humidity. The technology on which they are based provides additional strength. These qualities make them suitable for long-lasting advertising installations. Besides all of that, they have 100% printing abilities, which ensures the quality of the printed graphic. That guarantees our clients great graphics with which they can attract the attention of passers-by. The biggest advantage is the fact that they can be used to create ads in various sizes.

Designed like this, the ad is not only lasting but remains unchanged throughout the years.

Client:  Japan Tobacco International

Date:  March 2010

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Varna