Class Interior company offers complex furnishing of homes, hotels, restaurants, offices, etc. It offers Italian furniture for modern and refined interiors that hold on to aesthetics. For their showroom in Plovdiv, they assigned us the design and production of outdoor advertising. According to their business and according to the architectural style of the building, we offered them the most suitable option – an etalbond sign with built-in illuminated letters.

Exquisite etalbond sign for exquisite Class Interior furniture

Bond signs with embossed letters “sandwich” are an elegant and sophisticated advertisement that will undoubtedly be noticed. For the furniture showroom of Class Interior in Plovdiv, we made this type of sign with dimensions 360 x 100 cm from etalbond in Gray Metallic color, consistent with the cladding of the building. The channel letters Class Interior are made of two types of Plexiglas – 10 mm colorless + 3 mm white. For the logo, flag, and the inscription Italian Furniture we used the same combination of Plexiglas, but on them is placed red and green PVC film.

To glow brightly at night, the letters are illuminated with powerful but energy-saving G.O.Q. LED. The lighting is mounted in the etalbond plate and is completely protected from external influences. The whole system is extremely durable, sustainable, and guarantees trouble-free operation for years. The warranty on the Class Interior plate is 3 years, but in reality, its durability is much longer – at least 6.

Class Interior received a perfectly executed sign – beautiful and strong!

Client:  Class Interior

Date: August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv