Plovdiv – one of the oldest city in Europe which streets were built during the Ancient Roman epoch. The famous Main Street of the city is a busy trade center where you can find many shops, cafes and restaurants to taste a traditional dishes. From one side of the Main Street is located Two&One shop for ladies shoes and bags.

Elegance and style for the shop Two One

For Two & One we produced non-illuminated embossed letters type “sandwich” that is made of at least two kinds of materials. The letters are a combination of three different colors acrylic – clear, white, and red. The shape of this outdoor advertisement is specific to be more attractive. It contains acrylic elements that formed a heart around the logo.

Also we made an elegant illuminated part (heart) for the interior to bring it additional beauty.

Fulfilled only with acrylic, combined with a film for illuminated ads of one of the leaders in the industry – 3M. In order to achieve a better announcement of the shop, we illuminated the ad with G.O.Q. LED modules, which also contributed to the elegance that they wanted to achieve.

Quality and long-lasting advertising materials

For 25 years, companies of different industries have been trusting Media Design for manufacturing their indoor and outdoor advertising. We branded warehouses, shops and trading centers, hotels, restaurants, and many others. We guarantee long-term service life and high quality of all manufactured products.

Client: Two&One

Date:  July 2016

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv